Zoey Deutch plays wanna-be influencer looking for internet stardom in ‘Not Okay’

The new movie, “Not Okay,” is a comedy involving a tragedy, a satire on social media, and a cautionary tale about life online.

Zoey Deutch plays a woman who feels invisible. So she decides to use those skills to attract some attention for herself, faking a trip to a writers’ retreat in Paris and posting it all over her social media. But when Paris is hit with terrorist attacks, she fakes her return and is suddenly a social media star, for all the wrong reasons. It’s an uncomfortable position to be in!

“I love that response. The word you used, uncomfortable, I talk about a lot. I was uncomfortable, too, playing her. I felt really uncomfortable doing the things I was doing,” said Deutch. “She’s misguided and I like to say she’s the smoke, not the fire. She’s definitely a product of her environment. That being said, I’m not defending her actions or condoning or approving anything she’s doing, but I don’t find her to be a deplorable, unlovable person. I find her to be lost and lonely.”

Deutch says the online world is a tricky one.

“I’ve always existed online, which is funny to say. It’s a weird sentence. I only remember my life as having an online existence, so I have a very different relationship to social media than maybe you would. Mine probably is much less healthy,” laughed Deutsch.

“Not Okay” is streaming now on Hulu.

The Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of Hulu and this ABC station.

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