You will no longer need a Facebook account for your Quest VR headset starting this month

Back in 2020, upon launching the Quest 2 headset, Meta made it a requirement that Facebook accounts were used to log in to the headset, a policy that caused a lot of issues and controversy at the time. Just one year later, the company changed its mind and began working on a new Facebook-less login system. It has been a while since the last update, but later this month, Facebook logins will no longer be required for VR headsets.

Back in May, Meta CTO, Andrew Bosworth, gave us a much needed update on the situation, saying that the team was still working on the new account system for VR. Now, Meta has released the patch notes for the latest Quest OS update, which will remove Facebook log-in requirements and replace them with a ‘Meta Account’ log-in.

Meta log-ins will be rolling out this month for VR users. You’ll no longer need Facebook to log in to one of Meta’s VR headsets, like the Quest and Quest 2. Instead, you’ll want a Meta account, which you can set up independently of a Facebook account.

This change also means Oculus profiles are changing once again to Meta profiles. New Meta profiles will have more customization options, will have the option to link with other Meta services like Facebook and Instagram, and your ‘friends list’ will now become your ‘follower’ list.

KitGuru Says: Given that many have moved away from Facebook in recent years, forcing that to be a requirement for new Quest VR users always seemed like a bad move. A Meta account might not be much different in the grand scheme of things, as Facebook also falls under the Meta umbrella, but at least you don’t have to keep an active Facebook account anymore.

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