WiAdvance Technology unveils 5G-based AI smart solution for 360-degree VR panoramic concerts

WiAdvance Technology chairman Robert Huang (second left) and president Michael Hsia (right)

WiAdvance Technology, Wistron’s subsidiary provider of cloud computing solutions based on public cloud platforms and hybrid cloud architectures, unveiled on July 26 an in-house 5G-based AI smart solution for experiencing 360-degree VR panoramic concerts via cooperation with Taoyuan City Government and government -sponsored Taiwan Creative Content Agency.

By virtue of Microsoft Azure, AI and machine learning technology, WiAdvance develops the solution through technological cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), Wistron NeWeb and HTC, company chairman Robert Huang said.

The solution enables people wearing VR glasses and smart wrist bands to enter interactive virtual platforms which let them experience 360-degree panoramic concerts via real-time and lifelike VR effects. Based on the solution, people at home can enjoy feeling of interaction with singers as if they are personally attending concerts.

Functioning as a bridge between system integration service providers, software developers and enterprise users, WiAdvanced hopes to upgrade its role as an aggregator that can combine products/services provided by different partners into higher value-added packages, Huang noted.

For the purpose, WiAdvanced has set up an online platform through Industrial Development Bureau under Minsitry of Economic Affairs, and is inviting system integration service providers and software developers for different industries and in different regions to provide their products/services to match Microsoft and Oracle cloud computing tools (for which WiAdvance is a Taiwan sales agent), Huang indicated.

For smart manufacturing, medical care, retail or transportation, there have been no single products/services that can meet the needs of various enterprises or even an enterprise, Huang said, since enterprises’ needs cover human resources, materials and components, manufacturing processes, etc. and enterprises in different industries have different needs, Huang explained. This reflects the need for aggregating system integration service providers and software developers with different specialization and expertise, Huang noted.

The online platform initially focuses on smart manufacturing in the Taiwanese market and WiAdvance hopes to increase the number of partner system integration service providers to 150-200 by the end of 2022, Huang said.

In addition to the domestic market, WiAdvanced will cooperate with CHT to tap overseas markets, with Vietnam and Thailand to be initial targets because many Taiwanese enterprises have set up operational bases there, Huang noted.

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