What to expect at IFA 2022 Berlin

IN just a few days, IFA 2022 will open its doors to welcome visitors and the leading companies from entertainment electronics, electrical household appliances, information technology and telecommunications. IFA or Internationale Funkausstellung, Europe’s biggest technology showcase for consumer electronics and home appliances is held in September every year in Berlin. IFA 2022 is scheduled from September 2 to 6 and will be the first fully in-person IFA since 2019, which I also attended. It hosted 238,700 visitors, 1,930 industry partners, and 5,360 refugees. I am really excited to cover it again this year for The Manila Times. With Official IFA Media Days on August 31 and September 1, I will be able to get a preview of the 12 segments and 821 products. Comprising the 12 segments are audio, communication, computing and gaming, fitness and digital health, global markets, home and entertainment, household appliances, imaging, reseller park, IFA Next, IFA Next Startups, and SHIFT Mobility.

Fortunately, ShowStoppers @ IFA (https://showstoppers.com/) organized a private press-only event on September 1 so I don’t get overwhelmed with the number of products. From smart cities, the future of mobility and artificial intelligence to robotics and virtual reality, Showstoppers will showcase a unique combination of future technologies, hands-on products, engaging experiences and top entertainment. The companies plan to introduce and show solar generators, semi-solid state home energy storage, smart thermostats and radiator valves, mini ovens, zero-waste backpacks, tools that use AI and machine learning for energy-efficient and sustainable smart homes, smart helmets for motorcycle safety, Bluetooth speakers, smart locks, robotic pool cleaners, home theaters in a box, whole-home wireless ecosystems, virtual-reality devices, global translators, wireless earbuds, hardware and software systems to make cosmetics at home, indoor farm systems , tech for male sexual health, smart toothbrushes, air purifiers to combat allergies, notebooks, Chromebooks, gaming computers, tablets, laptops, monitors, glasses, the first biometric collar for dogs to monitor heart, respiration, activity and location — and more surprises .

To deliver this year’s opening keynote speech is Cristiano Amon, president and CEO of Qualcomm. He will share how amazing new experiences are coming to virtually every connected device from PCs to extended reality devices to cars using advanced technologies — including wireless connectivity, high performance, low power processing and edge intelligence. “As we move toward a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected, Qualcomm and the family of Snapdragon platforms are powering the technology that enables you to have extraordinary experiences everywhere — from audio to the metaverse,” Amon added.

Aside from the trade shows, there are other interesting revelations at Shift Mobility (https://shift-mobility-ifa.com/convention/program/), a new event format that thematically focuses on shaping tomorrow’s mobility, considering sustainability and technology essentials components. This year’s Shift Mobility hosts the topic “Sustainability and Tech are Shaping the Future.” The focus is on how the mobility of the future is changing the way we think, the way we live, and the way we get around. Automotive companies like Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Mercedes Benz, tech giants like AWS and Qualcomm, newcomers like Lilium, Pivt, Lexgo and Autobrains with top researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute and the University of Toronto, for example, and very young startups are expected to be part of the program. Over 50 international speakers will address topics at the intersection of mobility, sustainability and technology in eight sessions on September 1 and 2. One speaker is Simone Vicari, VP of Global Operations at Lexgo, whose mission is to make cities quieter and smog-free with the help of e-bikes and e-scooters as a means of mobility. In this context, he points out: “Despite the need to extend the last mile and cover short distances for people in the city, urban electromobility will give everyone in society the opportunity to own an electric vehicle for transportation.” He adds that “city residents are often extremely dependent on their cars and therefore it should be a goal of each city to create a new culture of mobility.”

I am looking forward to the insights of the speakers and seeing what exciting ideas from startups and tech companies have in store for us. Follow the hashtag #IFA2022 on Twitter or on my @momblogger account.

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