V-Room Overcomes The Pandemic With Financial Planning & New, Original Game Creation

SINGAPORE, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — V-Room, Singapore’s premiere VR Arcade, manages to overcome the difficult COVID-19 period through the development of its own virtual reality game and prudent financial planning.

V-Room was able to get through the pandemic due to strategic financial planning and the decision to come up with its own VR game. Through sufficient reserves in the business, the V-Room was able to tide through despite making losses throughout 2020 and 2021. In addition to V-Room’s finances, the VR company also saw the need for an innovative plan during this difficult period – hence, they designed and developed their own VR games.

Released in August of 2020, the first game developed was Lockdown VR: Kidnapped, a virtual reality, escape room puzzle game designed for up to 6 players. The game’s prime is similar to a real-life escape room; When a backpacking trip goes wrong, you find yourself trapped in a room. The only way to escape is with the help of some carefully crafted clues – all within a 60-minute time limit. The game was released to positive reviews, which enabled them to work on their next offering.

Lockdown VR: Circus of the Dead, V-Room’s second and latest game, was released in June this year. Players can enjoy the game individually or in groups of up to 6. The Circus of the Dead is also a virtual reality escape room game where players are meant to solve puzzles to escape the room within the hour. This time, players play as a group of performers trapped in an abandoned dressing room who must get out before they become trapped there forever.

With this change of direction, V-Room was able to become a content provider and not just curate VR arcade games, allowing them to enter the international market instead of being held back by Singapore’s constantly changing COVID-19 restrictions.

While V-Room was able to overcome the challenging circumstances due to the pandemic, the VR company faced various obstacles before being able to get through them. Due to the advent of the pandemic, for health and safety reasons, V-Room was unable to continue facilitating tourist and corporate events while local retail crowds were also significantly reduced. When the Circuit Breaker was later announced, all entertainment and leisure activities were completely shut down – resulting in V-Room being unable to operate their business. Even when the restrictions were eased, with a capacity of 5 people being permitted in a group at a time, this is still directly affected V-Room’s business model and their revenue. V-Room and businesses with team building activities were heavily impacted and only saw improvement nearing May 2022when tourists could enter the country and large group activities resumed once more, respectively.

Currently, V-Room is operating as usual despite the challenges faced in the previous years, and looks ahead to better ensuring customers’ safety with regular disinfecting and cleaning of their spaces and equipment. Through new initiatives taken, this VR escape room provider has been able to remain steadfast because of its breakthrough with virtual reality gaming and fiscal strategising.

For more information on V-Room, visit: https://v-room.sg/


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