USAF to Use Hi-Tech Headset to Train Against Chinese, Russian Aircraft

The US Air Force will begin using augmented reality headsets with a state-of-the-art visor to train against sophisticated Chinese and Russian aircraft.

According to a report by The Washington Postthe pilot training system built by technology firm Red6 projects digitally simulated enemy fighter jets for combat training.

It will enable US Air Force personnel to practice maneuvers against Chengdu J-20, Sukhoi Su-57, and other cutting-edge enemy aircraft in flight.

The system is reportedly a “safe, affordable, and practical” approach that ensures American pilots are prepared to go against the best fighter jets in the world.

Modernizing Warfare

Utilizing augmented reality headsets is part of the US military’s multibillion-dollar investment in algorithms, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

An advanced pilot training system is expected to modernize the service’s approach to warfare.

A report by Tech Times suggests that maximizing battle simulation is an “essential” part of training soldiers since it gives pilots a blend of real-world scenarios needed to improve their skills.

Earlier this year, the US Air Force Research Laboratory also conducted a collaborative wargame on high-energy laser weapons.

The experiment enabled fighter pilots to practice directed energy and kinetic energy attacks in a series of virtual simulations.

In addition, the Air Force has tapped the services of American firm Clearview to determine the feasibility of augmented reality facial recognition glasses in protecting airfields.

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