Today’s Your Last Chance to Snag a Meta Quest 2 Before the $101 Price Hike

The Meta Quest 2 (née Oculus Quest 2) has topped our list of the best VR headsets for some time, in part due to its affordable $299 starting price. But starting tomorrow, it’s about to get significantly less affordable. Meta announced a surprising $101 Quest 2 price hike, which will go into effect on Monday, Aug. 1. Despite the hardware remaining unchanged, the starting price will jump from $299 to $400, with the increased explained by Meta to “continue investing in moving the VR industry forward for the long term.”

If you’ve been on the fence about snagging a Quest 2 headset for yourself, now’s the time to pull the trigger before the price goes up. A few retailers still have the 128GB device on sale for $299, and the 256GB version at its original $399 price. Many retailers have already sold out, and there’s a good chance a few more will before the end of the day. If you’re hoping to get your hands on one before the price hike, here are the retailers that still have headsets in stock:

With no wires and no further hardware needed, the Quest 2 delivers virtual reality games and an immersive VR experience anywhere. It has self-contained motion tracking and a full-motion 6 degrees of freedom (aka 6DoF) VR controller, plus a high-resolution display and built-in speakers. Apps are downloaded right to the headset’s onboard storage, too. The only real downside to the Quest 2 has been the requirement of a Facebook account to use it, but even that’s going away in the near future.

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