“The weed is here to stay” – NBA analyst questions the media over aggregating Draymond Green as photos of marijuana from wedding make the internet

Over the weekend, Draymond Green celebrated a wedding around his friends and loved ones. Some of the notable attendees included teammate Steph Curry, LA Lakers star LeBron James and Klutch Sports agent Rich Paul.

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While some pictures and videos from the festivities made their way to social media, one aspect has created a topic of conversation. That being that Green had a weed bar at his reception.

Following the events going viral on the internet, many have chimed in with their thoughts. On “95.7 The Game,” Joe Shasky said he is bothered about this growing the way it did. He feels Green did nothing wrong as weed is legal in California, and that the issue lies in how many people aggregated it to attract more eyes.

“Now, it’s gotten to the point where (for) every team, every player, there are, like, these fan accounts where you, like, see every step of this guy’s life. Yeah, it was in California, correct? OK, It’s legal. So, are we taking photos of champagne bottles now, too, right?

“I’m like, look, the weed is here to stay. I just see a lot of people aggregating, like, look what’s-going-on-here eye emojis.”

Was happened to Draymond Green cites growing issue with media

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green
Golden State Warriors Draymond Green

As Shaksy mentioned, Draymond Green and others should not be criticized for having a marijuana bar at the reception when it’s legal in California. He also brought up a valid point about a growing area in the media.

In today’s digital age, nothing is private for celebrities or athletes. Even though Green is a pro athlete, he should be able to enjoy his wedding without seeing endless pictures and videos all over social media.

While social media has brought people together like never before, some bad things have resulted. Situations like what Green is dealing with now is a prime example.

When it comes to basketball-related things, players should be in the spotlight. It comes with the job, and they have obligations to meet in regards to media availability. However, guys like Green should be able to enjoy their wedding day without countless people scowering all over the internet looking for a scoop.

Given his personality, Green is sure to not let stuff like this ruin his big day. That being said, the aggregation of everything players do is a new challenge athletes must face daily.

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