The US-China Headline That’s Not All Bad News

We listened to Mark Zuckerberg’s three-hour interview with Joe Rogan so you don’t have to. In short: New virtual reality products are coming in October.

It might be a taller task for Meta Platforms’ VR headsets to recreate all the running, fencing, surfing, wrestling, jujitsuing and hydrofoiling the Meta co-founder and CEO tells Rogan he loves doing in the physical world. But nonetheless, he’s very excited about the metaverse. And now on to the news.

A Glimmer of Globalization

For those among us who like to remember when the Chinese and US were more open to each other, the headlines of late have been grim. Indeed, the last few years have seen a series of escalating geopolitical tensions between the countries and, by extension, their companies. The trade war is intense. It has hit even the oh-so-global capital markets, with Chinese regulators refusing to allow US auditors to review the accounting records of Chinese companies listed on US exchanges. More than 200 stocks, including giants like Alibaba, have been facing delisting.

But The Journal reported that the Chinese and US governments are likely to strike a deal to allow those inspections and keep the Chinese companies on US exchanges. It’s a big deal for those companies and their investors. It also provides a ray of hope that we will not lose all the benefits of globalization in this showdown between the world’s two largest superpowers.

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