The state cannot on its own govern the entire internet

Beltsazar A. Krisetya (The Jakarta Post)


Jakarta ●
Wed, August 3 2022

The Communications and Information Ministry has fulfilled its promise to block access to popular electronic service providers (ESPs) that failed to register under the contentious Ministerial Regulation No. 5/2020 on private ESPs.

International payments platform Paypal was the latest to fall before the regulation last week for failure to register with the ministry by the July 27 deadline. But due to mounting public complaints, the blockage was lifted temporarily from Aug. 1 to Aug. 5.

The uproar over the internet blockages is just the tip of the iceberg of controversy with regard to content moderation principles and data protection. One fundamental issue that the government needs to be aware of is that the internet cannot be governed alone – in this case by the government itself.

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