The Meta Quest 2 is The Future of Entertainment

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I have never been the biggest supporter of VR. While very exciting, I have always been of the opinion that it was largely a gimmick and it didn’t deserve all the hype it was getting. So, when I first put on the Meta Quest 2, I did not expect much. I had tried VR goggles before and basically expected that, after a few fun minutes playing a game, I would be done and ready to move on to something else. Oh, how wrong I was. While nearly all of the more traditional aspects of VR (virtual reality) were more impressive than I could possibly imagine, what sets the device apart is its evolution into a total entertainment system.

Right off the bat, the graphics and the level of immersion are second to none. Even the basic homepage environment that you can choose is so mindblowing that I spent several minutes just sitting in it looking around before even exploring the rest of what the Meta Quest 2 had to offer. All of the games are truly wonderful with Beat Saber living up to all the hype without question. Being able to move that freely while the music plays and the block come at you is genuinely so exciting I forgot how heavy I was breathing by the end.

The Meta Quest 2 has tons of exciting games that are just as incredible as Beat Saber while utilizing the VR capabilities to the absolute fullest. That is not what impressed me the most about the device though. What impressed me so much is everything else he can do. More specifically, as a content device and social media extension.

Oculus and Meta have made a major point to build the Meta Quest 2 platform as one where you can connect with others as much as you can connect with exciting landscapes and worlds. While the Metaverse isn’t fully perfected yet, most of that connection comes from the many events that are held each day. From interactive games and social hangouts to simply watching something together in the same virtual room as a friend who is far away, the Meta Quest 2 actually helps you feel closer.

Beyond even this, you can attend concerts, real concerts, without leaving your home. Especially during the pandemic and even more so on all the days I was sick or couldn’t make it somewhere, being able to experience that as realistically as possible is incredible.

This extends even further with the NBA courtside experience where you can jump into a live game from a courtside seat and watch and alongside the crowd. At the same time, the Bigscreen app allows you to watch movies inside a virtual theater with your friends like the place was rented out just for you. Especially with Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and Amazon Prime all having apps, you can genuinely watch whatever you want as if you are seeing it for the first time in theaters.

The Meta Quest 2 blew away my expectations through its graphics, through its games and through its potential for enhancing entertainment. Even after writing this, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of the vast ocean of exciting things you can do on this device. In its simplest terms, the Meta Quest 2 feels like the future of how we experience entertainment at home.

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