The internet is bringing movie and TV end credits back to 2007

Now we just need Optimus Prime to voice famous film monologues, too.

The world was a very different place in 2007. In that seemingly distant past, the middle class believed they could still buy a house someday, most of us didn’t know what a coronavirus was, and, most aliens of all, fading into Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done” for a movie or TV show’s end credits was still considered a pretty cool thing to do.

In an effort to imagine a popular culture that always understood the power of this choice—one that places all work beneath the shadow of the stirring, robot-narrated conclusion to Michael Bay’s Transformers—the internet has been remixing every conceivable film and show ending to create an alternate, “What I’ve Done”-soaked reality.

The best way to show how effective this kind of edit can be to start with its finest implementation so far: Jack Aling’sThe Godfather but it came out in 2007.”

Every version of the meme follows this same template. The last scene in a movie or TV series is shown and the song begins to play just before the credits start rolling.

There are tweets that show us Linkin Parkified versions of Drive My Car, Knives Out, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Game Of Thrones, ETand The Lord Of The Rings. There are others that give this treatment to The Sopranos, Star Wars, Citizen Kane, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Goodfellasand Midsummar.

The format works across almost every application. But some of the best—like @mauro_text’s 2001: A Space OdysseyJill Krajewski’s Breakfast Club ending, Andrew Bergamo’s No Country For Old Men@sflnino’s Chinatown@lukemuniz_’s The Passion Of The Christand Jackson McMurray’s The Arrival Of A Train At La Ciotat Station—turn the idea into something sublime.

Eventually, network and production company brand accounts will start putting these out for themselves and a nice joke will be ruined. But, in the meantime, we can continue to enjoy an actually good meme format being used just a little while longer.

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