Tenant who can’t stand flatmate’s girlfriend asks internet for help: “Ban”

A tenant who has revealed they cannot stand their housemate’s girlfriend has ignited passionate responses online after they revealed her irritating habits.

In a viral post shared on the UK-based discussion website Mumsnet, user Bussyb explained they disliked their housemate’s girlfriend and that they had to endure “the loudest sex.”

The Mumsnet user said the girlfriend comes around to the house several times a week and leaves beer bottles, plates and glasses around without tidying up afterward.

She also reportedly parks in their neighbor’s spot even though she has been asked not to.

Stock image of a woman blocking out noise. A tenant has complained online about the noise their housemate’s girlfriend makes while having sex.

But the thing that most got on the user’s nerves was the fact that she and their housemate had sex so loud that it disrupts their work.

In the post, the Mumsnet user said: “As expected they have sex every single time she’s around and whilst it’s completely acceptable and expected, it is the loudest sex I have ever had to endure.

“I work from home and have had to stop meetings halfway through because her moaning is so loud that my mic picks it up and it’s beyond embarrassing.”

The Mumsnet user added the girlfriend also never locks the front door and that they once found it wide-open after she returned home.

Another pet peeve was that she left a pile of soaked towels on the kitchen floor—something they viewed as disrespectful.

The tenant then asked if it was “possible to ban someone from your house” or whether they should “just move out.”

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 79 million Americans lived in a shared household in 2017.

It added that 18 percent of so-called extra adults, those who lived in someone else’s home, co-habited with a housemate or roommate.

The situation with the girlfriend infuriated many Mumsnet users. While some offered possible solutions to the tenant, all agreed the situation was uncomfortable.

One said: “I would move out. Having noisy sex whilst other housemates are home is just grim.”

Another added: “Definitely tell them. But flatmate’s bfs/gfs annoying behavior is just something that is always going to happen.

“Even if you move in the 40-year-old virgin, by the time the ink is dry on the lease they will have shacked up with a messy, indoor pot smoking, an unemployed person who will be there full time and who they have loud sex with daily. It’s the law of the universe.”

A third posted: “Start making it very uncomfortable for her like telling them to shut up when having sex and dumping all her crap and plates in his room, thing like that, let him have a pile of wet towels on his bed.”

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