Teleflex partners on VR training for its UroLift 2 system

Teleflex (NYSE:TFX) announced today that it entered into a new agreement with FundamentalVR over integration for medical simulation.

Wayne, Pennsylvania-based Teleflex’s agreement with FunamentalVR, a leader in virtual reality (VR) integration for medical simulation, will provide Teleflex with a VR training platform to accelerate the effective use of its UroLift 2 system.

UroLift 2, a minimally invasive treatment for lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH — commonly known as enlarged prostate), is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of an enlarged prostate up to 100 cc in men 45 years or older (50 years outside the US). UroLift permanent implants can be delivered during an outpatient procedure and relieve prostate obstruction without heating, cutting, destruction, or removing prostate tissue.

To a news release, the VR platform integrates tactile feedback and a digital representation of UroLift 2 to give urologists a hands-on VR experience that can accelerate the learning process.

“We are delighted to offer our customers this leading VR platform for surgical and procedural education which offers advanced, realistic graphics to help demonstrate the ease of use of the UroLift 2 System in a variety of prostate anatomies,” said Kevin Hardage, president and GM of Teleflex Interventional Urology. “FundamentalVR’s Fundamental Surgery platform is versatile and scalable, making them an ideal supplier to meet our customers’ needs for training for the UroLift 2 System around the world.”

Teleflex aims to utilize FundamentalVR’s Fundamental Surgery platform capabilities to increase access to and standardize the clinical training for the UroLift 2 system in the US and globally. That includes in Japan, where UroLift 2 was recently approved for use.

FundamentalVR’s customized offering for Teleflex will allow urologists around the world to practice the procedure remotely in a virtual environment. The platform will officially launch and become available this month.

“We are delighted that Teleflex, a market leader in urology, has chosen FundamentalVR as their partner for their future vision,” FundamentalVR co-founder Chris Scattergood said. “Integrating extended reality education solutions can have a positive impact on surgeons and patients.”

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