T-Mobile: the digital divide and new home Internet options offered

by: Rachel Ziegler, Sponsored Content by T-Mobile.



Sponsored Content by T-Mobile.

Studio 17’s Rachel Ziegler talks to T-Mobile Spokesperson, Steve Carlson about the digital divide and new home Internet options offered.

Carlson says, “We rely on a home internet for just about everything that’s important to us. Work to school, entertainment, and just staying connected with our family and friends. However, it is an unfortunate reality that access to an affordable and reliable broadband is still a challenge for millions of folks in the US. Choice and competition are often limited and in small towns, there might not be any option at all. That’s where T-Mobile comes in. Last year we launched T-Mobile 5G home Internet and it’s now available in more than 40 million homes nationwide, including six million right here in California.”

T-Mobile Home Internet is available to everyone, not just T-Mobile wireless customers.

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