Story Of KFC Rider In Pakistan Goes Viral, Internet Praises Her Courage

Meerab has become a sensation on social media.

Social media has given an opportunity to people to highlight the achievements of those who are always engaged in performing their duties diligently, without seeking any fame. Like Meerab from Lahore, Pakistan. She has been working as a rider with fast-food company Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and has been praised for juggling many roles at once. He story, posted by a resident of Lahore on LinkedIn, is now viral. It has received more than 50,000 likes and over 1,500 comments.

Fizza Ijaz, who shared Meerab’s story, said she was excited to receive a call from a female who was coming to her place to deliver the order.

“I got so excited that I stood outside the gate to receive her and we (my friends and I) spoke to her for a good 10 minutes about many things including her pursuits, passion and bike riding skills,” said Ms Ijaz.

According to the post, Meerab is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Fashion Designing and does her night duty as a KFC rider to cover her fees. She intends to remain a rider for another 3 years until she graduates post which she plans to launch her own fashion brand.

Ms Ijaz edited the post later to add that Meerab’s fee is taken care of by a foundation but she is working to support her family and pay for her mother’s medical expenses.

Users were moved by Meerab’s passion and praised her.

“Thank you so much for the shoutout Fizza Ijaz Meerab makes us so proud! She’s not only a KFC Pakistan Dame Rider but is also continuing her education journey with the KFC Female Higher Education Scholarship Program. Indeed, there’s no force stronger than a woman who has decided to rise,” Asma Yusuf, the Chief People Officer at KFC Pakistan commented.

“Meerab I respect your courage, you took life this way just to help yourself and others around you. I celebrate your boldness because you contribute positivity to society,” said another.

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