Sony is Working on a Days Gone Movie

Sony will soon expand its movie business with another feature film based on Bend Studios’ open-world zombie apocalypse game Days Gone.

According to Deadline, Sony PlayStation Productions is currently working on a movie based on the PlayStation property, though fans hoping to see Sam Witwer follow the role from the living room to the movie theater will be disappointed.

Deadline reports that Sony is working with the Oscar-nominated screenwriter Sheldon Turner who previously worked on X-Men: First Class and the Adam Sandler comedy The Longest Yard. However, there’s no mention of the video game’s leading man, Sam Witwer, who provided the voice, likeness, and motion capture for Deacon St. John in the Days Gone video game. Instead, Deadline reports that Outlander’s Sam Heughan has been chosen to fill the saddle on St. John’s beloved motorcycle.


At this time there is nothing official. Sony hasn’t made any announcements, nor have any of the parties mentioned in the initial report, so at this point it’s as good as a rumour. That said, Deadline has a decent track record and it’s not beyond the realm of possibilities for Sony to take another of its franchises and throw it up on the big screen. If Gran Turismo can get a movie, Days Gone certainly can.

It is an odd one, though. Days Gone was well received but also faced its fair share of criticism, so much so that Bend Studio was denied the opportunity to develop a Days Gone sequel. The studio has since moved onto another project, which we still know very little about, and Days Gone has been left in storage. Could a successful movie potentially lead to a Days Gone 2? Or is Sony already eying up its own The Walking Dead-style series that could spawn from the film?

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