Smart China Expo kicks off in Chongqing

Outdoor scene of the Smart China Expo 2022 held in Chongqing, on Aug 21, 2022. [Photo/Xinhua]

The Smart China Expo 2022 kicked off in the Southwest metropolis of Chongqing on Monday, with the theme of “Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life”.

The three-day tech event spread across 90,000 square meters displaying over 1,560 application scenarios in more than 30 areas including intelligent manufacturing, smart transportation and smart communities. The glasses-free 3D, virtual reality, and extended reality technologies are also displayed at the expo.

As a platform that displays newfound technologies, the expo attracted 19 countries and regions with 557 companies and organizations. Some experts including a Nobel Prize winner, and a Turing Prize winner, as well as other entrepreneurs will participate in a series of forums and events.

According to the official, the professional visitors are invited to make an appointment for this year’s expo, and the social visitors can log on to its website for online viewing.

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