Say Goodbye to Suddenlink as Internet Provider Rebrands to Optimum

What’s happening

Telecommunications company Altice USA is rebranding its Suddenlink line to Optimum, unifying its broadband service across all 21 states it serves.

Why it matters

Optimum is a familiar name to New Yorkers and customers in the Connecticut-New Jersey-New York tri-state area, but it’ll now be introduced to Americans in the southern and western portions of the country.

Suddenlink parent company Altice USA said that effective this week, the internet service provider is officially renamed Optimum, Altice’s other broadband brand. The change had been in the works for a while, and Altice made its intentions public in April with its “Let’s Reconnect” pledge.

Now the united Optimum brand is unveiling a new campaign, “Get closer, go farther,” which it surely hopes will create some positive buzz — Suddenlink came up last among all internet service providers in the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index Report on Americans’ level of happiness with their ISPs.

Optimumthough still below the industry average, did score six points better than Suddenlink, so that may help. Optimum also did well with its Optimum Mobile product, which landed at the top of the ACSI list of full-service mobile virtual network operators.

Altice also highlighted that while Suddenlink customers will see the name change effective this month, there will be no changes to prices, speeds or account numbers. However, one positive change is that there will no longer be any data caps or overage charges on Suddenlink plans.

Lastly, though most of Altice’s footprint is a hybrid fiber-cable network, Optimum aims to expand its 100% fiber network, which has approximately 100,000 customers, mostly in the New York tri-state area, and is available to 1.6 million households overall. Included in its expansion plans is a goal to begin offering Optimum Fiber in Texas by late 2022.

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