Redditor Shares 145 Megapixel Crystal Clear Image of The Sun, Internet is Stunned

A Reddit post is creating quite a buzz on social media and has left netizens gazing at one of the most marvelous planetary bodies, the Sun. The image is extremely clear as the user boasts it to be a 145-megapixel picture. It shows the hot plasma ball in all its prime. The Sun, in the black backdrop, seems to be popping out of the screen.

The picture shows the coronal surface which has entrapped the gaseous core like a nut in a shell. Sharing the image, the user wrote in the caption, “I captured a 145-megapixel image of our sun using a specially modified telescope. Zoom in!”

Take a look:

The user, in the comment box below, mentioned the entire process of how he managed to capture a crystal-clear image of the sun. The “specially modified telescope,” was used because it is advised not to look at the sun directly using a telescope. DO NOT point a telescope at the sun. You could start a fire, or worse, go blind. Mine was specially designed for this, and despite my experience, I’ve still had close calls using it,” wrote the user.

Another special aspect of the pic is its two-layer visibility. The image is taken in parts and is stitched together to make it a whole. The user applied the “lucky imaging techniques,” which are used to curb the effects of atmospheric turbulence on the resolution of the photograph.

There were quite a few comments and reactions to the stunning image.

One user said, “As someone with a commercial photography background who is familiar with multi-terabyte sized composite, and very briefly looked into what goes into this, let’s just say you have much more patience than I could ever have. Respect.”

Another wrote, “This is so cool, thank you for posting it!”

A user said, “Had to check the link just to make sure this was not another chorizo ​​situation.” The person was referring to a recent incident where a prominent shared a picture of a chorizo ​​sausage scientist and termed it a far off planetary body captured by the James Webb Space Telescope.

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