Record on Quantum Entanglement at a Distance Broken, Pulling in The Timeline for a Quantum Internet

As quantum computing makes technological strides that will allow for its general adoption, many ancillary areas of research need to be explored for it to be usable in the real world. Researchers in China have now managed to entangle two quantum memories (devices that can store information on quantum states for retrieval at a later time) across the greatest distance ever recorded – 12.5 Km. The step brings the concept of a quantum internet closer to fruition: one that allows decentralized communication between quantum computers.

Working with the University of Science and Technology of China and the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology (opens in new tab), the researchers showed that the entangled quantum memories could maintain coherence even when they have an urban environment between them. It is because it was already a known element of entanglement – the process where two quantum units (such as qubits or quantum memories) correlate so that their states – and thus, content – can’t be described separately.

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