Peoria Public Schools students to receive free sanitation supplies

PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) – With students back in the classrooms, the concern of illness spreading throughout schools is back as well. One Illinois representative has teamed up with a disinfectant company to make a PPS safer and cleaner for their students.

Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth saw it that PPS students were able to receive a semi-truck full of sanitary wipes from “Micro-Scientific” ahead of the new school year. As a parent of a student herself, Gordon-Booth wanted to ensure the safety of students, as well as reliving educators of another burden.

“Our teachers are dealing with a lot right now. It’s the big things that matter but the little things matter as well, and this is a small gesture just to show people that we’re thinking of them, we’re looking out for them, and we want to try to continue to do those kinds of things.” said Gordon-Booth.

Currently, there are only enough wipes to account for Peoria Public Schools students, but Gordon-Booth hopes to make this delivery a yearly event, that helps keep all of Peoria County Schools clean and healthy.

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