Pakistani KFC Delivery Agent Does Night Duty To Pay Her Expenses; Internet Applauds

At some point in our lives, many of us have done different kinds of jobs to survive in big cities. Sometimes we supported ourselves through internships or various training; Other times, we might have served in a restaurant, worked as a cashier, etc. While all these things are certainly a part of our lives, seeing another person’s hard work always motivates us to the core. Recently, one such story of a Pakistani KFC delivery executive, Meerab, has gone viral on LinkedIn. Her story is what many of us go through, and the internet has applauded her courage and hard work.

In a post made by LinkedIn user Fizza Ijaz, she tells her followers how she was excited after hearing a female’s voice on the delivery call. She said, “Today, I ordered KFC in Lahore and received a call from a female saying, ‘Hello, I am your rider speaking.’ I got so excited that I stood outside the gate to receive her, and we (my friends and I) spoke to her for a good 10 minutes about many things, including her pursuits, passion, and bike riding skills.”

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Then she further added, “Meet Meerab from Youhanabad, Lahore. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Fashion Designing and does her night duty as a KFC rider to cover her fees. She intends to remain a rider for another three years until she graduates, post which she plans to launch her own Fashion Brand!More power to her!May we see more Pakistani girls riding off to adventures in their heart’s desire!

Thank you, KFC Pakistan!

Asma Yusuf (she, her)”

Later in the post, she made an edit and also told people that “Her fee is taken care of by the KFC Education foundation (Kudos to KFC!), but she can still use support for expenses of college assignments/ supplies, and she also supports her family/her mother’s medical expenses.” Check out her full post here:

Ever since her story was shared, it has been liked more than 50K times and has more than a thousand comments and several shares. Many people reacted to the video and were proud of her achievements. Check out some of the comments below:

“Really inspiring irrespective of which part of the globe you belong to.”

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“It’s just amazing that with all the love and conversation, Meerab has truly gone viral! Credit goes to KFC for having such an amazing diversity and inclusion program!”

“Nice to read, but it is sad that such normal things for us living in western countries are so incredible for some parts of the world. I hope women will take full control of their life in these countries. Less religion and more instruction!”

“Bravo! One step at a time, and we move ahead.”

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