Nooran Sisters’ ‘Patakha Guddi’ is Now Viral on Internet; Netizens Are Obsessed

There are a few songs that you can listen to on loop for several days and never get tired of, and Nooran Sisters’Patakha Guddi‘ is most definitely one of them.

Sultana and Jyoti Nooran’s powerful voices and AR Rahman’s soulful Sufi music have combined to create magic.

This gem of a song from the movie Highway has once again gone viral, this time, globally.

Nooran sisters performed an impromptu version of the song at a Punjabi Music Award function in 2015 and that clip has since then gained popularity. And now several people are coming up with different remixes and renditions of that version and others performing on the track, the song has gained massive popularity on TikTok.

While for me, the original track is sheer brilliance, but I don’t mind some new renditions! Check for yourself:

This is a cover version by artist Andre Antunes who has fused the song Patakha Guddi with some heavy metal and rock music and has created electrifying tracks! He has done two versions, one based on the popular rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers and the other influenced by the metal band, System of a Down.

He shared the video on his Instagram with a caption, “If Red Hot Chili Peppers were from India.” The netizens seem to be enjoying this version by Andre.

Another version that he shared on his YouTube channel is a fusion of Patakha Guddi and songs from ‘System of a Down’. Listen here:

Another version that has gained popularity is by Kia Rokni, a music producer and a beatboxer. This post has reached over a million views and has been receiving a lot of appreciation from the people around the globe. Check it out here:

There have been other versions of the song that have gained popularity on TikTok and many users have been their sharing dance covers on the track. One of the videos that have grabbed people’s attention is a dance cover by two German women flawlessly dancing on the song. Here’s the video:

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