Nike and Rtfkt use NFC to link physical clothing with NFTs

DIGITAL AVATAR: The NFC chip in the hoodie enables wearers to connect with a digital version of the top

Nike and its digital fashion brand Rtfkt have launched a hoodie incorporating an NFC chip that enables purchasers to connect it to a digital version of the garment in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be ‘worn’ by digital avatars in Rtfkt’s Clone X avatar ecosystem.

Purchasers of an Rtfkt x Nike AR Genesis Hoodie can ‘trigger’ communication with the NFT by scanning a QR code on the physical sweatshirt, enabling the digital garment to track the physical movements of the wearer in augmented reality and allowing the wearer to customise the digital garment with additional features such as virtual wings.

The NFC chip in the physical hoodie will also enable owners to access additional features in the future, such as token-gated access to in-person events, according to Rtfkt.

Luxury perfume brand Byredo announced that it is using NFC to connect a limited edition physical perfume with a wearable digital ‘aura’ in Rtfkt’s Clone X ecosystem in July.

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