Nerf Ultimate Championship Brings 4v4 VR Dart Matches to Meta Quest

Nerf Ultimate Championship, which arrived Thursday on Meta Quest Virtual reality headsets, could solve two of the biggest obstacles to having a real-life Nerf blasting battle: a big enough place for your foam-dart shootout and all that dart cleanup.

The $15 game from developer Secret Location is a 4v4 multiplayer shooter. It puts players into colorful sci-fi costumes and venues — the trailer below has a family-friendly Fortnite-meets-Overwatch vibe — and includes 10 different Nerf blasters recreated inside of the game.

The game will include season passes that reward players with more items as they progress, and those passes are included with the cost of the game.

At launch the game includes four maps and three game modes, including a Colosseum map for capturing a control point, a la king of the hill modes in other games, and Mesa for controlling three different control points. A more classic 4-on-4 team battle mode can be played out on a Blast City map and a Factory map.

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