Monkey puzzled after watching man’s hair

The caption of the post that reads “Lmao” with a laughing emoji is enough to describe the hilarious reaction of the monkey

Monkey almost faints after seeing man’s crazy hairstyle. Instagram/animals.hilarious

Monkeys are quite acccustomed to human behaviour. For that reason, they love to be around us. Nowadays, monkeys have become popular among internet users for their social behaviour. They have been caught on camera several times while doing bizarre tantrums. If we look around the recent trending and viral content, along with dogs, this smart animal is also ruling the world of buzz.

A hilarious clip has recently landed on Instagram where a little monkey brings a moment of laughter for internet users in no time. The video has been shared by an Instagram page named ‘Animals Memes’.

In the video, a monkey – dressed in a tiger-print t-shirt and black pants – can be seen sharing the frame with a guy in a gray shirt and black winter cap. In a moment, the little animal pokes the man by tapping his shoulder while looking in the other direction. The best moment was still waiting to arrive till the guy removed his cap.

When the monkey turns around and looks at the man’s hair, it gets completely baffled. The shock was so intense that its head collided with the wall behind it. It seems that the monkey fainted after watching the huge volume of the man’s curly hair. The text in the video shows, “I can’t stop laughing at this” and it’s so accurate.

The caption of the post that reads “Lmao” with a laughing emoji is enough to describe the hilarious reaction of the monkey. Since being shared, the Instagram reel has received over 10 lakh views and garnered more than 66,000 likes so far.

The comments section has got flooded by uncountable laughing emojis. One user confessed, “I watched this like 700 times.” Another one marked it as “emotional damage.” A person shared, “My colleagues had the same reaction to me this morning.”

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