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“Snake? Snake!? Snaaaake!”

A new fan-made mod brings Konami’s legendary stealth action game Metal Gear Solid to life on VR headsets. Well, parts of the game at least.

Developed by Holydh, this well-crafted demo experience allows you to play through the first three parts of the original PlayStation 1 game on PC VR headsets such as the Valve Index and Meta Quest 2 (with Air Link). The current version features four maps in total (Museum, Docks, Heliport, and Tank Hanger) recreated on a 1:1 scale.

As you explore these instantly-recognizable locations you’ll come across two types of enemies (Arctic Soldiers and Light Infantry) whom you can avoid or neutralize using three different weapons (Socom, Socom with a suppressor, and Gray Fox’s Katana). There are also two different player models: Solid Snake and Grayfox.

Other features include a fully-functional elevator with interactive buttons, original sound fx and music from the PS1 game, laser traps, removable vents, and custom NPCs. Moving forward the creator plans on introducing improvements such as cinematics, a keycard system, and scenario events.

“The Docks, Heliport, and all floors from Tank Hangar basement are faithfully recreated but tweaked and adapted to be played in VR,” says the official Nexus Mod page. “The Museum is just the place. I did some initial tests.”

“I decided to upload it too since it could interest some to see the nice original models in full scale. The Museum is just the place I did some initial tests. I decided to upload it too since it could interest some to see the nice original models in full scale.”

Holydh’s Metal Gear Solid VR demo is available now as a mod for Stress Level Zero’s physics VR game Boneworks. While the mod itself is free, you will need to own a copy of Boneworks for PC VR headsets in order to play. You’ll also need to download several additional Boneworks mods. Installation instructions can be found on the official Nexus Mods page.

Boneworks is available now for $29.99 on PC VR headsets. Another developer going by the name of
Vapor Cephalopod on Twitter is also working on a VR remake of the game using Unreal Engine. More information on that here.

Image Credit: Holydh

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