Meta to Debut its New VR Headset in October


This week Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the company’s all-new virtual reality headset would arrive this October. After showing off several new VR prototypes in June, it sounds like the wait is almost over for what’s coming next.

Zuckerberg made several comments on the Joe Rogan podcast, talking about net-gen features and suggesting its Meta Quest Pro, codenamed “Project Cambria,” would debut at Meta’s yearly Connect developer event in October. The CEO didn’t confirm the name or give too many details.

And while we already know a lot about the next Meta Quest VR headset, the CEO made several brief statements teasing upcoming features at the beginning of the podcast.

He said the new VR headset would focus heavily on “social presence” and integrate several new features. “The ability to now have kind of eye contact in virtual reality. Have your face be tracked so that way your avatar — it’s not just this still thing, but if you smile or if you frown or if you pout, or whatever your expression is, have that translate in real-time to your avatar.”

It’s worth noting that the company will likely showcase and unveil the new VR headset in October, but the official release date will probably be several weeks later, if not longer. Meta’s new VR headset is expected to offer a slim, streamlined design and high-end displays unlike anything released so far, not to mention facial and eye-tracking sensors on the inside.

Additionally, it’ll have cameras or sensors on the outside for pass-thru, allowing users to see the outside world when necessary, rather than being purely immersed in a virtual world.

A recent leak from The Information suggested that Meta’s Quest Pro will cost $799. But a spokesperson from Facebook later told UploadVR that the headset would cost “significantly” more than $800 as a professional device. Either way, it sounds like we only have a few more months to wait before we have all the details.

via TechCrunch

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