Meta Quest 2 Is Getting A New Sword Battle Game This August

Thirdverse has announced that their upcoming VR Multiplayer sword fighting action game, Altair Breaker, will be released on August 19th, 2022 for Steam, Oculus, and Meta Quest 2, with a price tag of $25 USD.

Altair Breaker is a Meta Quest 2 VR Multiplayer title that allows up to 4 players to enjoy high-speed sword battles with up to 4 players in one session. Cross-play and cross-progression between the Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets will also be supported.

A launch trailer was released alongside the release date announcement, and a small developer interview has also been shared where they talk about the worldview of the work and the production secrets that made this intense sword-fighting action possible.


The world of Altair Breaker is set on the floating island of Vastus Isle, which was once a prosperous place for magic, but has now become ruins and exploited to run experiments with AI. The goal is to push back the army of mindless robotic soldiers, known as Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS), that roam around the floating island and help Stella, the humanoid AI left in charge of ALTAIR, to maintain peace on Vastus Isle. Movement is possible in all directions in Meta Quest, and the entire map is your battlefield.

Altair Breaker will immerse you in fights beyond or above the range of physical human experiences. Players will take advantage of their surroundings and utilize a wide variety of attacks only possible in the Meta Quest VR world, such as shockwaves and Surge Mode to take down enemies. The developer has also created a user-friendly UI in order to help fans enjoy the game flow intuitively. In the main hub, users will also be able to change their equipment, check their character stats, and more.

Players can visit the official Altair Breaker website and follow the official channels on Facebook, Twitter, discord and Instagram to follow game updates and join a community of fans and content creators. The talented voice actor Xanthe Huynh will also be giving her voice to the game navigator character Stella.

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