Merging the Metaverse with Licensing: How Virtual Consumer Retail is B |

I’ve always been deeply involved in the brand licensing business. For over two decades, I have assisted brands to leverage new technologies, create revenue streams and tell their story in new ways. I got my start by building a $1 billion brand franchise for NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Since the invention of TV, brands have always been a part of the medium, but more as an on-set placement or integration (think a soda can sit on a desk). My innovation was to reverse that and make the show about the inner workings of how a brand creates its product, markets the product and sets it up for success. Once that became wildly successful, we realized we were creating products on the show. I then created a licensing program to take what was created on TV and let brands sell them in the real world. For example, during one episode of “The Apprentice,” contestants built competing staples desk organizers. The winning product was sold nationally and generated over $40 million at retail in its first year.

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