Matt Hancock’s avatar compared to Judge Rinder as he joins the Metaverse |

Tight abs, bulging biceps and a generous hairline have raised some questions

Matt Hancock has become the first MP to join the metaverse.

The former Health Secretary joined the former Lib Dem leader Sir Nick Clegg on the Californian virtual reality platform as he campaigned for the Metaverse to be “open and free”.

In May, Clegg said the metaverse is coming “one way or another”, adding that it could be a “positive force” for inclusivity and bridge divides between people.

The idea behind the platform is that the internet will become a 3D, virtual space into which users can be immersed using a virtual reality headset, smartglasses or their phone, and can be used for work and social experiences often using virtual avatars.

But Hancock’s visual representation of himself has raised a few questions on social media.

Dressed in a white, buttoned-down shirt with a red collar trim, the Tory MP looks like a younger, fitter version of himself.

Some social media users have compared him to Judge Rinder, while others commented on his ‘generous hair line’.

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