Mansfield school district internet-based systems down after ransomware attack

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Mansfield school district’s internet-based systems were down following a ransomware attack this week that is disrupting Skyward, the district’s website and phones and email district-wide, according to a news release.

Ransomware attacks are a type of hack intended to shut down access to systems until the owner or owners of those systems pay a ransom to the hacker.

Classes are still going as scheduled, with teachers making adjustments to an account for the lack of internet availability, according to the district.

Because of the hack, all campuses are closed to visitors for the safety of students and employees until the district’s Raptor identification system is restored, according to the release. Campus administrators will use their personal cell phones to contact parents if their child has an emergency while at school, and parents who have a family emergency and need to contact their child will be required to go to campus.

Superintendent Kimberly Cantu said in the release that teachers and students are doing well with continuing learning despite setbacks created by the ransomware attack.

“Many of our educational tools and processes are facilitated by being connected to the internet, but our amazing teachers and staff have been able to use their fundamental skills and relationships with students to move ahead despite the hurdles we’re experiencing,” Cantu said in the release.

Mansfield’s school district is working with authorities to prevent future attacks and protect the information of employees, students and families, according to the release.

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