Make Learning Engaging and Interactive with Touch-Screen Devices

Students are active participants in their own learning these days, with flipped and asynchronous classroom styles appearing in K–12 districts this year. One way for educators to blend active, engaging lessons with the necessity of teaching digital skills is through the use of touch-screen devices.

Laptops with built-in touch-screen capabilities give K–12 students all the powerful benefits of traditional laptops with the added precision of a touch-responsive design. There are many different touch-screen laptops on the market to choose from, but Lenovo gives school districts the ability to choose the devices that will work best for their students at any grade level.

Schools can choose from tablets, laptops and two-in-ones with touch-screen capabilities. Each product has its advantages. Tablets are a great mobile option for students, but laptops typically have the most computing power. Two-in-ones, laptops that can convert into tablets, are the most flexible option. All of these products can help educators engage students of any age in learning this school year. Here’s how:

DISCOVER: Engage students with Lenovo touch-screen devices and other solutions.

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