Latest Samsung Internet Beta delivers enhanced safety features

Count all those pesky trackers and ads you dodge on the internet every day

Besides installed apps and programs, browsers serve as your portal into the internet teeming with privacy risks, malware, and ill-intentioned scammers. Samsung makes some of the best Android phones, and they all come with the pre-installed Samsung Internet Browser app. So, the company shoulders an immense responsibility of keeping the browser up to date and its users safe. The latest version of Samsung internet is here to do just that with improved private browsing and enhanced security against phishing attacks.


Samsung Internet’s version 18.0 update improved the Smart anti-tracking feature, which helps dodge cross-site trackers, including the ones reliant on advanced redirecting techniques such as canonical name cloaking and delayed bounce. The company has enhanced this feature with the beta of Samsung Internet version 19.0 to detect web domains that collude with trackers to collect user data. The company says AI powers the feature to stay on top of the threats, keeping you safe from nosy trackers.

The updated app also has a new Privacy info page showing the number of tracking attempts the browser ended off and the number of cookies in use. You can tap on the small lock icon beside the address bar to see the Privacy info page. It allows you to delete the cookies and toggle permissions to access your camera, location, and microphone. You can also see how many ads the browser blocked per day.

Samsung Internet’s new enhancements make for a safer browsing experience overall. Besides the security-centric enhancements, the browser also supports add-ons such as Subtitles and Translator in Secret Mode, so you aren’t stuck with a rudimentary interface when using Secret Mode. You could take the app beta for a spin by downloading it from APKMirror or the Play Store link below. Samsung says a stable version should roll out for everyone in Q4 this year.

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