Landlord who evicted older tenant dragged for demanding renter’s Wi-Fi code

Reddit users were stunned to read a text message in which a landlord reportedly asked for his tenant’s Wi-Fi password after evicting the Original Poster’s neighbor.

“My landlord texted me this after he kicked my sweet elderly neighbor out of our duplex so he could [move] in,” read the title of u/MitziVinyl’s post, which received more than 25,000 votes since it was shared to the “Mildly Infuriating” forum on Monday.

According to Norton, an antivirus and anti-malware software company, a person’s Wi-Fi security is important.

Above, a stock image of someone connecting to a Wi-Fi network. A Reddit user said in a now-viral post that their landlord requested their Wi-Fi password after evicting their neighbour.

“With the recent proliferation of [Internet of Things]the home network is bombarded with all kinds of malware and viruses that piggyback on seemingly harmless devices like fitness trackers and garage door openers,” the organization said.

If someone wants to allow another person to use their Wi-Fi, Norton advises that they set up a guest network. When a person hosting is away from home, they are encouraged to ensure their router has an encrypted guest network, create time-sensitive passwords and keep the router in a safe place where guests cannot “tamper” with it.

“Before offering your Wi-Fi passphrase, make sure your guest understands that uploading or downloading legal content is absolutely unacceptable,” the organization said.

‘Can I Get Your Wif-Fi Password?’

u/MitziVinyl’s post showed a text message that the Reddit user said was from their landlord.

“Hey [name redacted] I moved in next door can I get your wifi password,” the message read.

In the comments section, u/MitziVinyl said they did not respond to their landlord’s message.

The Reddit post touched a nerve with many other users who did not hesitate to take their thoughts to the comments section.

Some Reddit users shared their outrage over the request.

“He wants your wifi? F**k that guy,” a Redditor wrote.

Another said that the landlord is someone who likely pushes people’s boundaries.

“I bet that if you don’t give him the password he will treat you worse,” they wrote. “If you give him the password, he will realize that one of your hot buttons is compassion and he will use it against you in the future.”

Several people suggested that if u/MitziVinyl were to share their password with their landlord, they should receive something in return.

“He wants [the] wifi? He shares the bill,” a Redditor commented.

“Would be a fantastic way to get your demands,” another Reddit user wrote. “Give guest password and any time you need something done in your apartment and he takes forever cut off the wifi.”

Others, however, warned u/MitziVinyl not to share their password.

“If you don’t know the person well I wouldn’t advise doing it even for money,” one Reddit user said. “Who knows what that person will be doing on their computer at 3am on a Tuesday morning. Their traffic is your IP.”

“I wouldn’t even leave that door open,” a Redditor said. “People who do stupid s**t on your network can come back to you.”

Newsweek reached out to u/MitziVinyl for further comment.

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