Kim Kardashian will go back to ‘billionaire’ Kanye West for money: Internet

Kim Kardashian will go back to ‘billionaire’ Kanye West because of money: Internet

Kim Kardashian will seemingly go back to her ex-husbad Kanye West.

The 41-year-old, who has recently broken up with comedian Pete Davidson, will turn to her estranged partner of seven years, declare netizens.

“If you had to pick one of these to be your baby daddy, who would you [choose]?” a fan inquired on Reddit, making viewers choose between Tristan Thompson, Kevin Federline and Kanye West.

One person commented: “Kanye because he cares about his kids.”

Another added: “Kanye because even though he’s sh**ty to Kim he seems like the best dad out of all three.”

A third commented: “Kanye because I actually agree with him on how he wants to raise his kids.”

While a fourth commented reasoned: “Kanye cause at least he has millions of dollars and just [one] baby mama.”

Representing Kim’s point of view, one however said: “I get why people picked Kanye but I’m scared and I seriously wouldn’t want to deal with him or have to see him knowing how good he was when things were good. much.”

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