Job Simulator Developer Unveils New, Untitled VR Game at Gamescom Opening Night Live – IGN

Owlchemy Labs has just unveiled its next project at Gamescom Opening Night Live: an untitled VR game that has been built from the ground up for hand tracking, and may have something to do with…eating?

We didn’t see any gameplay in this extremely early teaser – hence the confusion. We instead saw multiple people wearing VR headsets speaking to one another while one of them appeared to be about to eat something disgusting in VR. The tagline for the game is “You had to be there.”

Additionally, we’ve gotten a look at one piece of concept art that emphasizes the multiplayer social and hand tracking aspects of whatever this is:

“The first time we saw and used our own hands in VR we realized this is the future of the platform,” said Owlchemy Labs COO Andrew Eiche. “Hand tracking lowers the barrier of entry into VR, making games more accessible and intuitive to more people. Playing games is much more fun when you’re using your actual body as the controller. Ever since we launched Job Simulator, VR players have been requesting a multiplayer game from Owlchemy. Our next project lets friends enjoy the classic Owlchemy experience together, with hand tracking opening the door to a whole new world of VR interactions.”

Owlchemy Labs is best known for its silly, playful VR titles, especially 2016’s Job Simulator (which our review called a “VR funhouse that’s all about goofy experimentation”), Vacation Simulator, and its most recent release, Cosmonius High. Whatever this latest experiment turns out to be, it seems like at minimum we can expect more characteristic Owlchemy Labs silliness to play a major role.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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