Japan: ‘Virtual Market 2022 Summer’ organised in Osaka

Aug 26, 2022 18:47 IST

Osaka [Japan], August 26 (ANI): This is a virtual reality space in Japan’s Osaka city. The town is famous for its architectural wonders like Tsutenkaku Tower and Shinsaibashi which are regular famous sightseeing spots in Japan.
Tourists can easily experience life in the town of Osaka through this virtual reality model. A Metaverse event named “Virtual Market 2022 Summer” was held in Osaka and New York, modeled on VR.
Inside the town, corporate advertising and stores were on display, allowing visitors to become avatar to move freely around the VR town and shop. It also allows them to enjoy live shows and games.
Ayumi Ookawara, official, HIKKY, Japan-based Developer Of Virtual Reality-Based Exhibitor And Marketplace Events said, “Virtual market is joined by various companies, including banks and the music and film entertainment industry. are very popular.”

“Metaverse is frequently referred to as the third largest market after Real and EC. We can deliver our products to customers who can’t come into real stores or EC. In addition, since there are no physical restrictions for people all over the world, We can deliver our products and contents not only to Japan but also to people all over the world. I think this is a big advantage for companies,” the official added.
Moreover, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, a long-established department store in Japan, sells summer gift products. Visitors can pick up the product and see it.
“As a unique content, visitors can also see photos to learn about the company’s history. If you receive a balloon and float like this, you can learn the history of Daimaru there. As a company having a history of hundreds of years, our aim is to make our customers aware of our history through the Metaverse world,” Ayumi Ookawara added.
This staff avatar serving customers is a real employee. Staff Avatar sells products while communicating with customers.
Hideori Kurahashi, Avatar of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores noted, “I have a realistic shop and another convenient e-commerce site. I think metaverse will be established as a third business space.”
Ayumi Ookawara continued, “I believe that future society will be a synthesis of the real and metaverse. For example, Metaverse will help us in administrative procedures, getting a consultation with a medical clinic, etc. Moreover, it will provide a system that will make our life more convenient.”
A number of renowned Japanese artists and individual creators participated in the event. The Metaverse is creating different business opportunities in different sectors and industries for people around the world. (ANI)

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