Jamestown Launches Augmented Reality Experience at One Times Square – Connect CRE

Jamestown has launched Concrete Jungle AR TimesSquare, a large-scale, app-based augmented reality experience at the under-construction redevelopment of One Times Square. It brings five distinct viewing zones, virtual games, and photo opportunities to Times Square, providing visitors with a new way to sight-see and engage with the live environment.

“Augmented reality is the future of entertainment, retail, advertising, and the built environment more broadly,” said Michael Phillips, president of Jamestown. “Concrete Jungle will scale and normalize augmented reality experiences as a tool to enhance engagement with the public. These technologies can be leveraged beyond entertainment to improve wayfinding, public safety, and health and wellness.”

Jamestown is exploring the deployment of a range of augmented and virtual reality immersive technologies across its portfolio, with Concrete Jungle at One Times Square serving as the first project. The Concrete Jungle AR TimesSquare app is available for download in app stores throughout August.

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