Ithaca-based ISP embraces open access broadband network that will connect Tioga County town – The Ithaca Voice

ITHACA, NY—Efforts in New York to close the digital divide and bring high speed internet access to homes in the state’s rural reaches will see the Town of Nichols in Tioga County become a test case for building an open-access fiber network that runs directly to households and businesses.

Building an open-access network is a big step in a different direction from the approach that has dominated any expansion of broadband service in New York, or the country at large for that matter. This network would allow any internet service provider (ISP) to tap in and offer their services to customers in the Town of Nichols. Previously, expanding access has primarily relied on incentivizing larger private businesses to build out into sparse areas, owning the networks they develop and creating monopolistic conditions in local and regional areas.

This open-access network stands to benefit smaller companies, like an Ithaca-based internet ISP that’s trying to “reclaim the internet.”

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