Internet slams “controlling” boyfriend threatening breakup over vacation

The internet has backed a woman who shared her desire to celebrate her birthday in Ibiza, Spain, despite her partner’s disagreement.

After a period of canceled trips and travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers have once again started to book vacations with family, friends, and for events.

The Mumsnet user who explained she will soon be turning 50 shared her desire to take a trip to celebrate the occasion. In the post with more than 100 replies, she wrote: “I’ve never been to Ibiza and always wanted to go. I wouldn’t probably go to any of the big clubs, more daytime stuff, and smaller beach clubs. ‘t really know much about where but I’d like more of a happy dance vibe, nothing too hardcore.

She explained that before the COVID-19 pandemic, she and a close group of girlfriends would plan a weekend away once a year, but they haven’t managed to get away since. Thinking about booking tickets to a festival, they quickly realized the expense was too high and decided that a trip to Ibiza could end up being more affordable.

A stock image of women enjoying an ice creams on vacation standing on a beachfront. The internet has slammed a man who threatened to break up with his partner over a vacation to Ibiza.
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“That got the chat going with everyone agreeing and lots saying they’d love to go and [have] never been,” wrote the Mumsnet user. But not everyone was as excited about the idea.

“My partner is definitely not the clubbing type,” she wrote. “We are planning a separate holiday just the two of us as his treat to me. I’m not doing anything else for my birthday really. Generally, I don’t celebrate beyond a family meal out but this is a big one, so why not?”

But her partner did not agree: “When I mentioned to my partner the idea of ​​Ibiza he flips out and says if I go I’m coming back single. It’s ridiculous to even think of going at my age. [The] only reason people go is for sex and drugs. [He] totally slammed it and then said he was disappointed I wasn’t planning my birthday with him.”

Upset at the suggestion, she turned to Mumsnet to ask if she was in fact being ridiculous to plan a trip to the Balearic island for her birthday: “Now I just feel selfish wanting to do something with friends. All about Ibiza, it seems a lot want to go, my bday is just an excuse, but now I can’t go as I don’t want a fight or atmosphere about it with my partner,” she explained.

Ibiza, located in the Mediterranean sea, is well known for its nightlife and club scene in the summer months, but in recent years the island’s tourism and tourism board have recently worked to encourage family-friendly too. A UNESCO World Heritage site with more than 80 beaches, rich marine biodiversity, and stand-out architecture, it experiences sunshine for around 300 days of the year.

After she shared her frustration, Mumsnet users rushed to the comments to slam her partner for his reaction.

“He would threaten to break up with you over a vacation? That’s not good,” said one commenter. “But anyway, you should definitely go.”

Another reply said: “Well you go with your friends and come back single then. [I] think you’d be better off turning 50 without a controlling boyfriend in tow and spend the rest of your life having fun.”

“His response is off the scale. If you can afford then I cannot see why a partner would object?” said another commenter.

“Go and have fun,” wrote one Mumsnet user. “You only turn your age once—and if covid has taught us anything life is for living.”

In a later comment, the poster further shared her exasperation at the situation and wrote: “I know I don’t need to ask his permission but I hate conflict and I can’t stand the silent treatment. I’m embarrassed that I’ m such a doormat. I thought I’d left a controlling marriage, and at first I was so excited to be with someone that didn’t tell me what to do all the time or criticize how I looked but I’ve gone and done it again.”

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