Internet Demands to Know Where ‘Prey’ Dog Coco Is Now

The shelter the breakout star was adopted from assures fans that she is “loving her new life.”

Ever since news broke that Coco, the dog starring alongside Amber Midthunder in Hulu’s Preywas adopted specifically for the film, the internet has been searching for answers as to the canine costar’s current whereabouts.

Fulton County Animal Services, a shelter serving Fulton County, Georgia, posted a quick blurb about Coco on their Facebook page on Friday, August 12, and commenters jumped at the opportunity to dig deeper.

“From Fulton Shelter to Super Stardom!” the shelter wrote, expressing their excitement to find that the pup they’d housed for a period of time in 2021 had become the breakout star of the summer.

Coco had no film training prior to Preybut, despite the chaos she reportedly caused on set, they kept writing her into more and more scenes.

The shelter added, “The response Coco is getting is proof that the extra care and patience paid off! We are SO delighted that Coco found the life she has, and is now shining shelter a light on the potential of dogs and what they are capable of when given a chance.”

But while many involved in the film have called attention to Coco being adopted specifically to star in the Predator prequel, no specifics have been offered about what happened to her after filming wrapped, raising concerns that she had been returned when her job was done or would be “rented out” to film after film.

Commenters were quick to drill the shelter about Coco’s status.

“She was adopted by a family who work in the entertainment industry, who had this opportunity for her, and she is loving her new life,” the shelter said in one update, calling it the “perfect fit” in another comment. “It is not known if Coco will do any more movies but she may have the chance in the future. We have seen people saying Coco won the ‘puppy lottery’ in some comments and that’s the truth!”

Not everybody was convinced, though, and in another response, the shelter reiterated, “She was adopted by the family at the time the project was available, but she was adopted with the intention of keeping her.” They later repeated, “Coco is very much staying with her family,” and at one point called it fate that Coco and her family had found each other.

“There was never a question that she was being adopted into the family first,” the shelter assured commenters.

Representatives for Hulu and Fulton County Animal Services did not immediately respond to Parade’s request for comment.

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