Internet delights at video showing man’s oceanside work-from-home setup

One man’s ingenuity was put on full display after a viral TikTok showed him setting up to work from home—on the beach.

In a short clip posted by TikTok user @averycnmm, the swimming trunks-clad man can be seen setting up a makeshift green screen, presumably to jump in and out of Zoom meetings without anybody knowing his actual whereabouts.

“Spotted: a fellow remote ‘worker’ setting up his ‘office’ green screen for the day,” text overlay reads.

Posted on August 8, the TikTok has racked up more shares than 1.4 million views, 121,000 likes and 3,400.

Before the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, 57 percent of workers in the United States had rarely, or had never worked from home, according to data collected by Pew Research Center.

Over the past two years, that figure has shrunk significantly.

Earlier this year, Pew reported that nearly 60 percent of Americans capable of working from home were doing just that, and another 61 percent said they will continue to do so, despite numerous pushes for employees to return to cramped cubicles in corporate offices.

For employees still enjoying work-from-home benefits, however, the slyness involved with sneaking a few minutes—or hours—of personal time each day seems to have worn off.

In a report published by Intuit QuickBooks, it was revealed that, although employees working remotely attempt to remain discreet about the amount of time they spend taking care of personal matters, some employers are sharper than previously imagined.

“No one’s pulling the wool over the boss’s eyes,” the report reads. “Whether they make it known to their remote workers or not, most employers are well aware that employees working from home aren’t locking themselves inside their home office.”

Despite the knowledge that remote workers aren’t always Working, 99 percent of employers told Intuit that they trust employees to work independently, while 59 percent “reportedabove average” performance from those working outside the office.

Commenters were thrilled after one viral TikTok showed a man setting up a work-from-home green screen on the beach.
grinvalds/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Throughout the comment section of the viral TikTok, many respondents championed the value of productivity and commended the man setting up the oceanside green screen for enjoying the best of both worlds in such a shrewd manner.

“The work gets done, right?” @millybeauty667 commented. “Nothing to see here but a productive and proactive employee.”

“If he’s actually getting what he needs [to] done, more power to him,” @morlock48 chimed in.

TikTok user @thequeenofthechaos, whose response has received nearly 3,000 likes itself, revealed her equally-ingenious tactic for taking meetings anywhere but home.

“I took a pic of my home office set up as my Green Screen,” they commented, tacking on a crying-laughing emoji for emphasis.

“Work smarter,” @magpie9699 quipped. “Not harder.”

Newsweek reached out to u/averycnmm for comment.

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