Internet backs teen leaving little brother “hungry” by not sharing food

The internet has thrown its support behind a teenager who let her little brother go hungry by not sharing her food.

In a viral post shared on Reddit’s infamous Am I The A**hole group, which can be seen here, user throwawayfood73 explained she had come back from a trip with her parents and 5-year-old brother, Neil.

She added that her parents made sandwiches for herself and her little brother in case they got hungry.

Stock image of a teenage girl eating a sandwich. The internet has thrown its support behind a teenager who let her little brother go hungry by not sharing her food.

The Reddit user continued: “We got home and Neil was running around as usual while my parents tried to get him to sit down and eat but he grabbed the sandwich and ran.

“At one point he went to the bathroom and accidentally dropped the sandwich there. He couldn’t eat it anymore so my looked for something else for him to eat but we only had parents eggs at home and he doesn’t eat eggs (sensory) issues) and it was too late to get anything for him.

“My parents told me to give my sandwich to my brother and eat eggs instead. They said if I do this they will buy one for me tomorrow.”

The Reddit user continued: “I know they wouldn’t because that’s what they always do. Every time I give Neil something the next day I ask them when they are buying it for me and they say ‘oh, we are not actually gonna buy’ it for you’ so before anyone could take it I grabbed it [and] went to my room, locked the door and ate it.

“Now I’m grounded and they say it was an AH [a**hole] move to make my little brother go to bed hungry.”

Since the post was shared Monday, more than 18,800 accounts upvoted it and another 3,000 commented.

The vast majority of commenters praised the teenager. One Reddit user, whose comment was liked more than 33,000 times, said: “NTA [not the a**hole]. Your parents need to realize that they can’t ‘promise/unpromise’ like that, and they need to have more in the house than just ‘eggs’.”

Another added: “They just got back from a trip, depending on the length it’s reasonable to have just eggs at home because fresh food might have gone bad.

“They provided food for dinner, the problem is they let a 5-year-old run around with food and take it in the bathroom and also that they regularly lie to OP [original poster].”

A third commented: “OP is NTA and I hope that she has a healthy relationship with food when she is out of that house and able to control what she eats for herself.”

Newsweek was not able to verify the details of the case.

According to the Australian-based website Nutrition for Kids, sensory food aversion is a sensory overreaction to certain types of food.

It added: “The heightened sensory issues are trigged by the qualities of certain foods such as taste, texture, temperature and smell.”

The website said it is “unknown” why sensory food aversion occurs and that there has been little research into the eating behavior.

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