Internet backs man blocking pregnant ex’s partner from changing baby’s name

A pregnant woman’s girlfriend has been widely criticized for demanding that the baby her partnerd with her ex-husband be renamed.

According to a post shared on Reddit by the father of the unborn child, he and his now ex-wife had agreed to name their son Samuel in honor of their grandfathers. Writing under the handle Throwaway10876543, he explained that they “were both very important people in our lives.”

While couples may disagree on their preferences, deciding on a name for a baby is regarded by many as one of the most enjoyable aspects of pregnancy.

In a poll of its users, found that 35 percent of parents said choosing a name was a fun thing to do, even if it led to disagreements. The survey also found that 40 percent of parents set ground rules for the naming process, with the most common being that they each had the power to veto a name.

Of course, things are a little more complicated for the couple in this viral post. According to the father of the unborn child, he and his ex-wife split before she discovered she was pregnant.

Their marriage came to an end after she began an affair with a close female friend and came clean to her husband. He admitted he was “devastated” but could “sympathize” that she was unhappy in their marriage.

However, their fragile relationship is already in danger of coming apart after his ex’s new partner “refused to accept” their choice of a baby name because she’d had an “abusive” ex called Samantha and “could not stand to have her child share the name.”

The man said he tried to explain “how important” the name was, with his ex-wife agreeing that the decision was made “long before she was in the picture” and was ultimately his choice.

However, this just made his ex’s girlfriend “very angry,” and she began insisting “her child would not have that name.” This pushed the baby’s father “over the edge.”

“I asked her if I got her pregnant, she of course said no, I asked if she somehow magically got my Ex pregnant, again she said no,” he wrote. “I then told her that since she was not the parent of this child…my Ex and I will give our child the name we want regardless of her opinion.”

A man and a pregnant woman. A father’s decision to exclude his ex’s new girlfriend from deciding on their unborn child’s name has been praised on Reddit.

His outburst only made things worse, prompting the woman to brand him “homophobic” for not allowing her any input. Though his ex-wife agreed he should have the final say, the dad said he is beginning to wonder whether he was wrong to react as he did.

But any such doubts were met with a resounding response on social media, where users flocked to support the man’s right to decide on the name. Fantastic-Focus-7056 said that “this woman will be a part of your child’s life, but that still doesn’t make her a parent. The name should be between you and your ex.”

TWAndrewz added: “This is going to set the tone for the rest of your co-parenting with your ex’s partner. You and your ex should have a sit down, with just the two of you, and set ground rules for how you want to co -parent.”

OrindaSarnia, meanwhile, warned: “If his Ex is onboard with this type of possessive behavior then he needs to look into formalizing a custody agreement.”

Quackerjacks45 wrote: “There is no guarantee that this woman will be a long term partner…. it’s very presumptuous to assume you have any input on a child’s name when you’ve only been dating the mother for a few weeks.”

Hego_Damask1, meanwhile, thought the woman’s partner needed a wake-up call, writing: “This isn’t her child and at the most she will be an additional secondary parent but not a primary. She needs to understand her place in this.”

Newsweek has contacted Throwaway10876543 but wasn’t able to verify the details of the case.

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