Intense Half-Life: Alyx mod ‘Incursion’ launches on Steam Workshop

Half-Life: Alyx’s (opens in new tab) The modding scene is surprisingly vibrant considering the relatively small number of VR headsets in the wild. Ongoing projects range from the impressive Half-Life Alyx: Levitation (opens in new tab)to a mod that transposes Alyx’s VR gunplay into Bioshock’s Rapture (opens in new tab). But those are all still heavily in development. Half-Life: Incursion (opens in new tab)on the other hand, you can play right now.

Incursion is a “wave-based experience” that’s designed to test your VR shooting skills against a small army of City 17’s combine soldiers. “We felt the campaign was a bit lacking in challenge as it is very friendly to new VR users,” say the devs on the mod’s Steam Workshop page. “Consequently, this is a challenging level for experienced Half-Life: Alyx players.”

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