How Trillium Supports its Customers and Markets

Trillium Flow Technologies is a global leader, manufacturing highly engineered valves and pumps. In addition to these products, Trillium supports the related markets with services and spare parts. Kerem Yilmaz, Chief Financial Officer, chatted with Michelle Dawn Mooney on how Trillium serves these industries and helps them stay economically viable and environmentally friendly with its offerings.

“We believe we operate in an essential sector with strong tailwinds in terms of the market growth,” Yilmaz said. “Energy security is quite key, as we’ve seen from some unfortunate events we’ve witnessed over the past couple of months. If you look at some of the key sectors we serve, nuclear power, collational power, and oil and gas are poised for growth from an energy security perspective. On top of that, energy transition is still high on the agenda.” In addition, Trillium recognizes the need for solid infrastructure, especially around water and wastewater throughout the globe.

Servicing customers is a top matrix for success at Trillium, and Yilmaz said they are continually looking for new ways to enhance their products and experiences for the customer. “We see a lot of focus on service, especially in being present in certain geographies and supporting the aftersales activities for the customers.”

Navigating supply chain challenges is one area Yilmaz said Trillium recognized as a critical pain point to manage for its customer base. “Being on time for our customers, especially in the energy industry, is key in the criticality of our services and products, so we’re quite focused on that.”

“We are investing in key graphies and key graphs and following our commitments to our customers,” Yilmaz said while noting Trillium through various technological regions in a virtual reality support customers during COVID when face-to-face interactions were limited.

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