Hilarious video of a boy describing corn is taking over the internet… yes, corn

You never know what could be the next viral video. This month’s most viral video is about corn.

Yes, corn.

The original video on the ‘Doing Things’ Tik Tok account is now closing in on 15 million views with 70,000 comments.

The star of the video is being referred to as ‘Corn Kid’. And boy, does he have a lot to say about corn!

And the fun doesn’t stop there!

Social media creators and influencers started to put their own spin on ‘Corn Kid’s interview, but this verse by Tik Tok creator @schmoyoho took the cake!

The viral song now has over 22 million views as well.

Even Philadelhpia Flyer’s mascot ‘Gritty’ got in on the action.

As ‘Corn Kid’ said in his interview, have a “Corntastic Day!”

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