High-speed affordable internet coming to rural Georgia

Claxton, Ga. (WSAV) — Many rural areas across the country, including right here in Georgia, lack access to high-speed, affordable internet. But help may soon be on the way.

The Biden administration is directing millions of dollars in loans and grants to support internet projects.

The USDA is making access to internet a little bit easier for South Georgia residents thanks to a new grant program from the Biden Administration

Under new federal funding from the reconnect program, residents in evans county will have access to high-speed internet. This program helps to provide grants and loans for the construction and improvement of broadband services in rural areas.

USDA applications will open Sept. 6 for internet expansion nationwide. It’s all part of Biden’s push under the bipartisan infrastructure law to invest in rural communities across the country.

USDA Secretary Xochitl Small said this opportunity can improve the quality of life for all people living in under-served communities.

“It’s about opportunity for hard-working rural people and for kids who want to be able to get a great education in the home they love so they have access to,” Small said. “They can do internet, their homework online after school and not have to go to a parking lot to get it done.”

To find helpful information including eligibility requirements, click or tap here.

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